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Welcome to Amanah Group, the epitome of trusted innovation and cherished heritage. At the forefront of our journey are Amanah Technology, Amanah Vault™, and Sunnah Currency®, harmoniously united in our sacred mission to preserve wealth through the guiding principles of Islam.

Amanah Technology illuminates the path with groundbreaking blockchain solutions, ensuring each gold transaction is marked by unparalleled transparency and traceability. In the secure embrace of Amanah Vault™, your valuable assets find sanctuary, safeguarded with unwavering dedication. Meanwhile, Sunnah Currency® stands tall, minting sharia-compliant 24K gold and pure silver coins/bullion bars, echoing the profound wisdom of the Sunnah.

Under the watchful eyes of the Islamic Monetary Council and Muslim Assayers, we meticulously certify, test, and establish governance for both digital and physical monetary realms, fostering a world of trust and integrity.

Together, we embolden the global Muslim Ummah, one gold coin, and one secure transaction at a time. Join us on this transformative journey where tradition dances with innovation, and faith intertwines seamlessly with technology.

Mission 2027:

Envision a world where every Muslim wedding embraces the timeless elegance of Dinar or Dirham for Mahr. Picture a future where end-to-end gold traceability is not just a promise but a reality, facilitated through the revolutionary Tayyib ID ™ blockchain technology. Imagine Dinar or Dirham, instantly accessible for vaulting, tokenization, or swift shipment, fostering a new era of convenience and authenticity.

Let us unite in our vision, envisioning every gold jewelry shop in the US, UK, and Australia proudly adopting the IMC Tayyib ID ™, ensuring the purity and sanctity of our heritage.